What can I do to reduce wind noise when driving at highway speeds?  I can isolate tire noise; the noise I'd like to reduce is wind and/or other noise when driving above, say, 45 MPH?  I can barely hear the radio unless I turn it way up.

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I had to take a thin piece of black, somewhat firm foam about 3/8" thick, 4" long and 1.5" wide and insert it  right at the driver's side A pillar on the black rubber windshield weatherstrip as I close the top to stop the air noise.   Its not really inconvenient to do and makes a huge difference at highway speeds.   However, its still hard to hear the radio.    These are noisy cars I'm finding out after 5 months of ownership.   Would applying a new coat of the grey OEM Porsche undercoat help with the road noise?  Maybe in the wheel wells too? 

Maybe more undercoating would help, and the Porsche would probably be the smartest to keep the car as original as possible. 

I found out the source of my wind noise, or 90% of it to be my door hinge tearing out from the unibody.  It got to be obvious when driving on the freeway one day that I could see light along the top edge of the door!  I drove to my Independent Shop to ask about it and the owner said he' never seen that happen.  I took it to a body shop he recommended and had it repaired.  The cost was $2,200, and the work is excellent, so I'm very satisfied with the repair.  
The only cause I can think of is my flinging the door open, not even too hard, over the 17 years I've owned the car.  the unibody is aluminum apparently, so I can understand the failure.  I'm 73 now, and went through about 10-15 years of significant disability where my movement was impaired.  It's a difficult car to get in and especially out of, and I compensated apparently.by pushing the door open rather than treating it with due care.
Now the biggest noise id tire noise, and my tires are old, thus hard, and I live on a road the was chip sealed, so that's a big part of it.  Next time it's in the shop I'll ask for it to be test driven.  The owner had the whole series from a couple 951s, and a 968, so he'll know,  Now he has a newer Cayman S fitted out for track use. (envy, here)


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