As we know, back in the early nineties when the 968s were being produced Porsche had very high hopes for them but it didn't translate into sales. Because of this production inventory backed up and Porsche found a way to deal with it. They came up with option code 718 which allowed them to "reVIN" an "already produced" 968 into the upcoming model year so they could sell it as such.


For NA 968 cabs 495 (189 1994s and all 306 95s) of the 2,008 were 718 cars, 24.73%!

For the NA 968 coupes 360 (161 1994s and 199 95s) of the 2,234 were 718 cars, 17.98%!

Not a single 968 cab was a true 95 (made without the 718 code). 60 of the 95 coupes were true 95s (built after June of 1994).

The funny thing about the 718 cars is that they reflect the prior model year's options and offerings. For example, a 1994 F9 Amethyst 968. This is a 92-93 standard metallic color offering but there are a few 94 NA 968 coupes and cabs in that color out there. That is because they are 718 cars, originally 93s built before July of 1993 reflecting MY 1993 offerings and features. The only thing 94 about them is the R in the VIN. 

If your 968 doesn't have option code 718 then was truely manufactured in its model year.


I have seen at least one case where a 718 was registered as the wrong year car because someone looked at the build date on the door jam sitcker to determined the car's model year and not the specific letter in the VIN (10th position, N=92, P=93, R=94, S=95).



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That's fascinating, Jeff.  I had no idea.  Thanks so much for sharing.




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