Hi guys, hope all is well. I've noticed my auto box has started to get difficult to push into park and equally difficult to get into 1st. It still drives and moves up and down the gears beautifully. But pushing it into park is now quite difficult. Anyone come across this? It seems to be the very top (park) and the bottom (1st) where it's hard to get into. It like something is in the way.  Any help as always greatly appreciated. Thanks again in advance. Joe. 

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Did you ever download the parts catalog and service manual?
These aero very helpful.
I do own a Tiptronic 968, but have not experienced what you are describing. There is a dust cover where the lever and indicator cover meet. That could have fallen and is now interfering with the operation of the shift lever.
It seems that if it was the linkage needing lubrication then it would be through the whole range.
Again, the service and parts manual are very helpful.


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