As if it wasn’t enough that this car has super low mileage (18K), a 6 speed, and offered at a fair price it is also one unique 968. It is loaded with options and good ones, dual full power seats, dual heated seats, headlight washers, limited slip, body side molding, factory CD with hi-fi sound, and 17” wheels. It is colored in the popular polar silver and topped with a dark blue cab top. But what really sets this 968 apart is the interior. It has the extremely rare special order Provence blue/midnight blue full leather interior as well as the supple leather option. It is the ONLY North American 968 cab produced with this interior (there was also 1 coupe). It is very cool. The car had a sticker of over $63K when new thanks to all those options and this $5000 interior. Someone grab it. I would if I had the room.




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For one the car is on it's 4th set of tires which seems very unusual. Two, the carfax has discrepencies. Three, the owner doesnt seem to have cared to take good care of car. Why would he not replace easy items to keep car perfect? Why not change the oil? Why not do basic sevice? Things just don't seem to add up to me and the owner avoids direct questions. If someone is looking for a fun driver or toy I guess this would be nice buy for the true collector this car just isn't it! Anyone know where that super low mile black 94 cab ended up? Never seen it again. I don't think it sold on ebay auction but maybe it did after close. I wish I would have jumped on that one!
Well, everyone has their own opinions on how to evaluate a used car. No one can dispute how special this car is. If that doesn't matter to a buyer, then go pick up a black one. There are plenty of those. When purchasing a collectible authenticity and uniqueness are the most important and this car delivers in both areas. When I went to purchase my mint green cab I found it wasn't perfect but I knew what it was and how special it was so I was willing to over look a few things. Purchasing a car from the original owner is about as safe as you can go as you know all the owners or in this case, just the one. Original owners also treat their cars differently because when they purchased the car it was just a mode of transportation, even if it was a fun one.
Jeff, I agree with you and color doesn't matter (really at all) nearly as much what you mention. I'm not saying I prefer a black one but for being an enthusiast site lets talk what's real. CAUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A ONE OWNER ORIGINAL OWNER CAR as advertised. You can verify that by running a carfax! Owner has no explanation! He purchased it in 2003 and thought 7 years is long enough to call it original owner. That's ridiculous. I wonder if it was re built or something. ALSO, car has 1 service record in 15 yrs. I rely on this site for thorough information and depend on it for accurate info from fellow 968 lovers. I love this site and just want reliable info. Best, MW
P.S. Based on all the discrepencies from seller I do not believe this car to be "authentic".
Anyway, I do have a call into the dealer who sold the car to the current owner in 2003 and hopefully will be able to track down the original owner. Could be difficult if car was bought at a dealer auction and not traded in. Will let you know what I find......I think it's very important to keep these cars as true and authentic as possible.
Interesting about the owner history. Stange that he even has the original dealership key tag from when it was new, not something you would usually pick up at an auction. I appreciate your commitment to the site but you have to give us a little more information to be considered "thorough". You say the carfax doesn't look right but what does it say that you don't like? You say the car is not authentic but what do you mean? All the production information I posted about the car is 100%. The rest I got from the seller's ad on eBay. My only intention in posting this thread was for someone looking for a "special" 968 would see this one as it qualifies.
Jeff, thank you. You asked what it is about the carfax? It clearly shows this to be a 2 owner car. The current owner purchased it in 2003, Fyi.
The black cab ended up in my garage - actually in the parking garage about 4 floors below me at work at the moment. Was not a 1-owner car either but it had a good history and regular maintenance. It drives really, really well too. Makes the silver one all the more valuable far as I can tell. One fewer museum-ready low mileage cab on the road - or should I say under the cover.
You bought it? What a gem. Remember me if you ever want to sell it. What is the current mileage?
Outside of your range I'm afraid - she is aging quickly, but gracefully.
Are we talking about the same car? Is it the one with the grey top? I remember miles in the low teens. I want to clarify that I don't mind a car with more than one owner, it's just that I don't like having one with no service history or documentation of maintenance of any kind. If I recall, yours was a 100% stand up no excuse car. That's what I desire too.
That's the one.


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