As if it wasn’t enough that this car has super low mileage (18K), a 6 speed, and offered at a fair price it is also one unique 968. It is loaded with options and good ones, dual full power seats, dual heated seats, headlight washers, limited slip, body side molding, factory CD with hi-fi sound, and 17” wheels. It is colored in the popular polar silver and topped with a dark blue cab top. But what really sets this 968 apart is the interior. It has the extremely rare special order Provence blue/midnight blue full leather interior as well as the supple leather option. It is the ONLY North American 968 cab produced with this interior (there was also 1 coupe). It is very cool. The car had a sticker of over $63K when new thanks to all those options and this $5000 interior. Someone grab it. I would if I had the room.




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Jeff, have you seen this car in person? I'm very skeptical as the owner has no service records and the carfax is strange. I appreciate that Porsche only made one with this interior in 95 but I think I know why. It's UGLY! Anyway, whether I like the interior or not I agree with you that this would be a strong buy but with nothing to back up history, I'm concerned the value isn't there especially once someone becomes the next owner. I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing that 94 Blk/Grey one with even less miles. That has to be the nicest one that's come along for sale in awhile. Had all service records from new and fully serviced up to date. This Silver car doesn't seem to match or be up to par with what a true low mile one owner example should be....Still looking! MW
Malcom, I have not seen the car in person but I can testify to how special it is. I like the interior, for a blue, and all that leather!!! It covers the full seats, the console, door panels, door pulls, lower dash, even the e-brake is fully covered in leather as opposed to just the grab handle. Only 30 968 cabs have full leather (I have one of them in black). It is a special car. The more likely reason for it being one of one is the fact that it cost $5,000 for just that interior compared to most 968s which have the $682 partial leather. The seller is the original owner so it may be lacking in maintenance but all the history should be there from day one. Other then oil changes, you might not expect to see much more on an 18K mile car.
I agree with what you're saying but without a solid carfax what good is all that? I would love to buy one of your cars! MW
Do you know of anyone who can do a PPI on this car in the North Carolina area?
Sorry I don't but try the various 968 sites including here. I can check the registry for NC members if you like and contact them. Lte me know.
Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the reply....any help would be great!
does anyone know why there is no plastic surround under the hood around the aircleaner? this piece also has a compartment for the service gloves...its not on this car...is it missing?
This car has many flaws. I would be extremely cautious. M

what flaws do you notice? and do you know why that "surround" is not there?
I believe only the 92 and 93 model years had the radiator cover and glove compartment. Porsche was cutting costs to survive at this time and this was one of them.
Malcolm M
Almost correct, 92s, 93s, and for 1994, the early option code 718 cars, 189 of the 681 cabs and 161 of the 718 coupes. There are actually two pieces that were removed. There is one in the rear as well that covers wiring and hoses next to the cowl.

So Malcom, what do you see that I don't??? The car looks great to me. It has the usual low mileage/needs maintenance issues but other then that it looks great to me and from a 968 collectibility standpoint, it doesn't get much better then this. I'd jump on it in a minute if I was in the market.

Jeff, thank you for the clarification; I did not know that. Not sure if you noticed that I am not Malcom W, but if so your question to Malcom is correctly addressed. I do not know the car, but believe highly and/or unusually optioned cars are more fun and great conversation pieces. In some few cases they are significantly more valuable but generally should be of interest to the buyer. This car has some very unique features and qualities that also limit the potential pool of buyers.
Malcolm M


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