I am a new owner of a 92 968 Cabriolet and am looking for a good shop manual to guide me on my repair and maintenance adventures.  What is available and what is recommended?  My first problem is getting access to the trunk.  The key turns, but the lid does not open.  Any ideas?


Brookeville, MD

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I've got a similar problem. I've replaced the key microswitch with a used unit, but it may have the same problem. My trunk release on the kickpanel seems to work pretty consistently.
I'm thinking that both key microswitches are bad.

I might know something about Shop Manuals. :) IM me.
Phil, if you have not gotten more info on this, there is a push button for the trunk just in front of the drivers door in the footwell.
I don't have a Cab, but on my Coupes and 951, there is a microswitch that can be adjusted. You need to access the lock inside the lid.
There is also a manual release, just a pull cable, not sure where it is on Cabs.
Now for the shop manuals, I bought some, then found out there was a place called cannells.uk I think, not sure, but search. You should have an owners manual that shows the man. rel. cable and push button.

Simple actually, but i crawled into the trunk and unbolted it to end up discovering the solution.

Open driver's side door. Vent louvre on body should have a plastic clip, looks like a louvre control, but is actually a retainer for a cable which when pulled, releases the trunk hood. If it fell inside, pull of the louvre which is adhered in place. Thin aircraft cable loop is what you seek.
Excellent! I will check this out. Thanks, Neal.



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