Excellence Magazine, the magazine about Porsche's, again to feature the 968

Excellence Magazine the magazine about Porsche's will again feature a 968. Last time we saw a 968 in here was a few years ago when Jeff Coe's Mint car was featured. This time it will be a C2S 1994 Cabriolet in Amethyst Metallic. Picture settings are still ongoing. I am including some shots from the last photo shoot.

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That's cool Kaj! I'll look for the article and maybe have you autograph it in Lake Tahoe! There will be another car there that will have been just featured in Pano so we'll have several of you media types there !

Which car Bob and in Pano you mean Panorama ..right?...if so, did I miss it. Which issue?

Yes, Panorama - Pano for those of us who either can't spell or type long words :-)

Story is not published yet, probably June issue. Can't say more now.

Looks like exciting PR's coming up on the 968. Lot's to talk about at Tahoe.


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