A couple weeks ago I drove the 968 over 2100 miles for 8 days with my sister around the south west while she was on spring break.  We left from San Francisco and saw the following places:

17 Mile Drive and Cannery Row in Monterey, California
San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach, California
Palm Springs, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Roosevelt Dam, Roosevelt Lake, and Tonto National Monument Native American ruins in Tonto National Park, Arizona
Montezuma's Castle on the way to and including Sedona, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
Meteor Crater, Arizona
Sunset Crater Volcano and Lennox Crater in Wupatki National Park, Arizona
Walnut Canyon National Park, Arizona
Lake Havasu City, Arizona

The trip was absolutely perfect and I'd say the best part was driving the 968 into the Oceano Dunes recreation area, commonly known as Pismo Beach, where the 968 played around in the sand and we took plenty of pictures here:

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Great pics - thanks for sharing..

I've camped at Pismo a few times - sadly it's been greatly reduced in acreage over the years. I've always taken my 4x4; I've never considered taking the 968... ;)
We used to go body surfing alongside the Pismo Beach pier when I was at Cal Poly SLO in the late '70's... Thanks for the stroll down memory lane...

Oh man then we definitely have to meet up sometime because I went to Cal Poly and so does Arash - that's his Audi in some of the pictures. I LOVE SLO!

Wow, that is a lot of miles but it also brings back a lot of memories for me. Spent 6 months living in a trailer park in Lompoc, while serving at Vandenberg AFB.

Will miss seeing you in Hershey this year.

A number of years ago I picked up my current 968 in San Jose and drove it home to Atlanta. Time was short, so I was committed driving straight through with sleep stops only. But then I realized how close Meteor Crater was to the highway, so I stopped in for a brief look. A crater tour and 2+ hours later, I was back on the highway headed east.

The only other unscheduled stop was in Podunk Tennessee at 2:00am, where a sheriff was curious why a fancy Porsche with California plates was cruising through his town. My Georgia drivers license and trunk full of gear (four spare rims, original front struts, etc.) added to his curiosity. After checking my record and realizing I wasn't a drug mule, he sent me on my way.

Someday I'd like to cross the country with time to smell the roses. The 968 eats up highway miles and gets great fuel mileage. Thanks for sharing your journey!
Don, do they allow ex-AF to go back on the base these days? If so and you're ever back on the west coast, I'd love to take a tour! My first roommate in college grew up on that base so I've heard about it and driven past on the highway but never got to see it in person.

Ray, I drove my last 968 home from Houston to SF in 3 days and it wasn't very fun. Averaging 300 miles/day on this road trip was so much more enjoyable, plus I had a better plan full of things to see. What did you think of the crater? I couldn't believe how big it was when approaching from the I-40 about 5-10 miles away!! Here are some pictures that I took of it:


Unfortunately, security at AF Bases is very tight these days and my Veterans ID card won't cut it. A few years ago, the USAF Security Service Reunion was held in San Antonio and I received a gate pass but that has stopped too. Suggest you check with the base to see if they ever offer public tours or have an event on Armed Forces Day/Veterans Day.
or you can look for the hole in the fence or go through the 8 foot tall drainage tube like at Andrews AFB. :) of course at Vandenberg you might be a long walk from anything when you got on the base.


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