This is a one owner car. It is a driver not a show car. The car has 163k miles. Please e-mail with the item you are looking for, car is also going on e-bay.




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I am looking for the rocker paner that goes in front of the driver's door, a center padded console and the front right, (driver facing), fog-light assembly.  Not sure if they're called fog-lights or driving lights.  If you still have these and/or need photos please let me know.

Thanks,  Rick


What size are the rims?  I may be interested in a pair and also the spare rim if you still have it. 




Sorry sold!
Sorry sold!
Sorry sold!

Hi, do you still have the driver side head light?


I need a driver side transmission for the top and some other parts for the driver side.

I am looking for an Oil Level circuit board, PN 944 641-959 02, please let me know. Thank you, Frank

I am in need of the console box that holds cassettes and the rocker panel just behind the front wheel on the passenger side. do you still have those items? Thanks


Do you still have trunk mounted brake light?


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