I just received my completed Starter 1:43 Resin model of the Porsche 968 Turbo RS, number 1. I found the Startermodel  kit in England on Ebay and the fellow to detail it in Texas. As you can see from the attached photos, the attention to detail by the builder was fantastic (compare model to the original Porsche AG photos shown). I am very happy with this very rare model. A friend of mine in Germany has all 3 Starter kits in Speed Yellow, the first 968TRS, the 968 LeMans car 58 version and the 968 Club Sport. To my knowledge, this is the only completed red version of this model.


If anyone finds another Starter Resin 1:43 968 Turbo RS model kit of the first TRS - or - the other rare 58 LeMans TRS kit from Starter, let me know and I will provide you with my builder's info. Only caveat is that it will be pricey to find the Starter kit plus someone to detail it. But, it will be worth it!!!



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Thanks, my next 968 model challenge will be to figure out who I want to build the 1:24 scale model of this same car. My son has both the 968 CS and 944 Turbo Racing Hasegawa kits, the correct wheels, correct sized decals and other items needed but has not started yet. Perhaps I may have to use my other builder who built my 1:24 scale Chevy El Morocco.


Update on 968 models:


With all the rain here in PA, I had some spare time and decided to build a 968 model set of 1:24 and 1:43 models. I already had 2 of the 3 rare Starter 1:43 models (still waiting on 3rd to be built by a Pro in TX) and 2 Hasegawa models. So, I converted the existing 1:24 Hasegawas to Turbo RSs (decals from Starter set) and used the motor from a 944 Turbo Racing model for the 968 Turbo S. Stripped down an existing NZG 1:43 model to convert it to a CS model. Found Turbo wheels on Ebay and filed naca ducts and created turbo splitters. Results are attached.


I will bring these models to any 968 event I attend.





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