Just joined, had heard of 968.net but heard it was not online anymore. Anyway, have 2 '94's, one tip one 6-spd, also a 951.

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Ken, great to have you on board. With three Porsches, do you track any of 'em? You ever make it up to Road Atlanta?
no, just got started a year and a half ago with the Porsches. The 951 is original except for cup2 rims which the p.o. took the orig rims off and sold them. The tip was well cared for but I think I need to redo the susp. and I think I am hearing either the cv joints starting to complain or the torque tube needs to be looked at. The 6-spd I bought from Trev. R. It could be a track car, but I have never gotten into that. Although I am from Ga., I don't make it to Atl. much, plus I just moved back from Wa. st.


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