I'm still interested in purchasing a super low mileage Cab in pristine original condition.  Must be a manual.

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Are you still looking for a 968 Cab six speed. I know of a 94 with just under 40k.
Yes. I'm still looking thanks. I seek one with much fewer miles unless there's something about this one that makes it special.

With black interior..... in good shape. Saving it from a dealer who got it on trade.
I have a friend Rose who purchased a new 1994 Cab with Tip, whe is now in her late 60's, and cannot get in and out of the car, so she is looking to get rid of it. It has about 20,000 miles, never been raced. Red with Tan guts and black top. If interested give me a call and I will give you her number. I can be reached at 773-416-3300
You did see the Polar Silver that jeff posted right?
I have a 92 black all gray interior cab with 28,400 miles; sport seats and limited slip. All stock, no repaint, no dings, no dash cracks, major service, new tires, window sticker, etc. at $20K. Everything works but the radio. There are few nicer. Contact me for details; email or 949-394-6798.
Did you find a car yet Malcom?

I am cleaning and detailing my 95 cab right now. second owner, all service records and service is up to date. 57K miles, clean car fax. guards red black interior 6 speed.
Not quite pristine, that would take reconditioning the rims, putting a new "pristine" top on the car and replacing the worn leather on the seats. (drivers side bottom is new)
This car is a very clean low miles example, but it was driven a bit. To get a 15 year old car in "pristine" condition is has to either be reconditioned or never driven and stored properly.

Give me a shout back if you are interested. I can sell it with enough room in the price for you to upgrade aformentioned items to pristine if you wish.
Thank you for reaching out to me. I won't consider anything over 20,000 miles, prefer much less. I have a Coupe I've owned from new with approx. 15,000 miles. Good luck with yours. They are great cars! MW
I amhave a 1994 Black 968 in excellent mechanical condition. Needs new drive shaft for electrical top. Window is faded. Need to sell.

82,000 Miles

e-mail: zonagolfgroup@hotmail.com


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