Hi all, I'm looking to buy a '93-'95 968 Cab with manual transmission and relatively low mileage.


I'm not currently a Porsche owner. Just found this site. Can you help with me with other sites that would be good resources for my search.


I'm buying this car for my soon to be 18 year old son. He was born in '93 so I really would like to find a '93.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Eddie,

You'll want to check the usual sites, eBay, craigslist, the Porsche club mart. I have a son who was born in 92 and my car is a 92 but it is my car :)


Good luck.




Thanks Jeff! I'm checking autotrader and ebay daily. Craigslist is a bit of a challenge since I have not yet figured out how to search multiple sites at once.


I will look into Porsche club mart.




Hi Eddie,


I have one of the finest 95 968 in the world. If you want it, it takes 25K. 6-speed 61K actual miles, 2 owner car. New z rated toyos, fully serviced, and it the final triple black six speed ever produced, I have the complete registry. Everything works, runs perfect. Just need to free up some space in the warehouse. You will not have to spend one dime on anything on this car. It's perfect, never hit, no paintwork, all records. It's not cheap, but one day it will be worth much more. They only made 313 in 95. The only thing is not stock is an Alpine CD player. It also has the optional cup 2 wheels. Blistering fast, 0-60 5.1 sec, timed. I can also help with shipping as well.


Here is a link, let me know call me Doug, at 781 690 9832,


Hi Doug, thank you for the info. That looks like an outstanding automobile. But, it is outside of my budget. I'm look for something around $13K.


Eddie, welcome to the site.  Like both of you, I am in the final stages of buying a '94 and have a son who was born that year.  However, like Jeff, it's for me!  My recommendation is to buy as high of quality as you can stretch to in your budget and do your homework. And most importantly, if it doesn't have complete records, be wary.  Hidden repairs in these cars can be very expensive.  There are some great members on this forum who can help you.


Best of luck.

13K, ... and Porsche do not go together, maybe a nice Mustang GT convertible.
I'm in upstate NY and I have a 1993 triple black 6spd 968. I'm the 3rd owner and have full documentation for all the service work. I've owned the car for 8 years and it has 65,000 miles on it the interior is perfect, undercarrige is mint (never in bad weather).

Hi Bart, you've got my attention :^). Do you have pictures. What are you looking to get. It would cost me a grand to get it here I'm sure. Eddie.

Contact me at bdyshuk@hvc.rr.com. The price will be negotiable.

Hey Bart, where in upstate NY are you? I have family throughout upstate NY. I've never seen a 968 during any of my visits.


Hudson Valley, Kingston
My relatives are more central but I drive by you often. Good luck


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