Is Anybody know the reasonable shop to buy Damper plate ?



My 93' 968 tip damper plate had broken. And looking for the parts.

I could find it online for about $750 (its normaly over $1,200). But, is anyone know that lower price?

part number is K1021-29184


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 My '94 Tip has a broken damper. All I have found are in the $1100 range. Please share where you found one for $750, as I have seen some people on other forums needing a damper, and no price under $1000.

I would snap one up at that price.

First, I agree with Ken... $750 is a great price.

I searched the part number you provided above and found an online vendor that listed that part number for $753.28 for a 968. Was this the price you found as well? That same vendor also listed that same part number for 924s and 944 dampers, which didn't bother me as the 944 uses the same damper (and 924s I think as well). What was odd to me was that this vendor had different prices for the same part number. 

Make sure the damper you get has the Porsche number 944 116 065 04.

Incidentally, after replacing my damper twice, I had my car modded to use a 944 S2 clutch plate and torque tube for about the same price as replacing the damper. I've driven countless miles on it and there is no noticeable difference in performance... I'll just never have to replace a damper again! :)  

 Bill, did the torque tube need changing because of different spline count or the damper and clutch plate have different thicknesses?

I think the different prices reflect different manufacturers. I am sure the $1100 one is a Porsche orig. part.

Hey Ken,

I should have explained it better. The following basic parts were used to perform the mod:

-  944 flywheel

-  944 clutch disc

-  pressure plate

-  starter ring gear

-  944 manual transmission drive shaft (hence the tube)

-  944 torque tube


That would probably be a bit more than I would want to get into.

I now realize why a complete changeover is necessary,.....to encorporate the splines.

Yeah, probably just buy the damper, eventually.

Did you save the tip parts?


No, I did not. I donated them to the garage that did the mod.

I finally ordered the damper and bolts from Sunset in Oregon. Best price I could find.

The place that had it for $750, claimed that was an old price from years ago, and could not sell it for that price. They offered it to me for $1100.


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