just asking, anything going on with the 968 crew this year 2012 at Hershey?


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Jeff pointed out that you have a parking choice on Saturday at the Swap Meet. If you want to park your car in the Concours area, follow the "Concours" signs after paying the Swap Meet entrance fee ($10).  You will then see "Charlie Concours" (photo below) which will be in front of the Concours. I can then assist you in parking your car plus showing you where to register for Awards (additional $10 which benefits the Penn State Milton S Hershey Children's Hospital). There will be 7 parking areas; Class 1 - 924, 944, 968 and 928; Class 2 - 911 (65-83), 912; Class 3 - 911 (84-89), 964, 993; Class 4 - 911 (996, 997, 991); Class 5 - 914, Boxster, Cayman; Class 6 - 356 and Class 7 - Open. I am planning on parking all 968s in the same row of Class 1. There is no official judging, the Swap Meet attendees will decide which cars win. The award ceremony will be at 1:00 pm for the 7 classes plus Best of Show and Farthest Distance.


Hope to see many 968 Celebration Alumni again this year plus many new 968 owners!




For those staying at the Hilton Garden Inn, the front desk indicated they'll have a hose for us to use to wash up the 968s after the journey. Just ask them and they'll point you to it.

See ya,


Well, this weekend saw another PCA swap in Hershey and we had a great time. The weather turned out to be great on both days. We left in good fashion on Friday morning and made it to Hershey around 3pm. While cleaned up the car I was soon joined at the Hilton car wash by Paige and Emma with their white 968 cab. After a quick dinner it was back to the Hilton for our 968 cruise night. We had a good group of 968ers along with a few fans as we spent the beautiful night admiring the cars and talking about our experiences with them. Multiple event attendees were there including Don, Cosimo, Aaron, and Minta. New 968ers Ron and Constance showed up with their new machine all the way from Ohio. Their 968 is quite unique and I’ll feature it in the next register newsletter. All together we had 11 968s attend the cruise. Saturday morning greeted us with some partly cloudy skies so we knew we had a nice day in store for us. We got to the swap and parked with the usual gang of 928s and 944s. We had a good group of 968s. I counted 25 in total by the end of the day. I talked with a lot of old friends and met a few new ones. Frank and his son brought their beautiful 968 black CS replica. The car was beautifully done without a detailed missed. The swap was well attended with the usual vendors bringing their many treasures. Ron made out well with the purchase of a like new set of 968 shop manuals for only $150. The sun made a full showing and the Porsches continued to pile into the event. I’m sure they had over 1,000 in attendance. There were 2 Carrera GTs parked a few spots over from the 968s. As the afternoon wore on the cars started to leave. We said good bye and made our way home. It was a great event and a fun time.









Great weather, great cars and great camraderie with old and new friends!

We had 13 968s parked in the Concours area with others parked in the Porsche Only area.

Look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

More photos attached.






photos of the lst, 2nd place winners in the 924, 944, 968 and 928 class - do you recognize them?



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