just asking, anything going on with the 968 crew this year 2012 at Hershey?


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We always do something. Are you a PCA member? If so, you'll hear about things through the 968 register e-newsletters. I'll also post something here.

jeff, I've been a member for about 6 yrs. Owned my 93 968 for 9yrs. Last year i could not get away from my work load. This year things are looking better. So i was just wondering, What's up!!!!

Paige, are you on my 968 register distribution list and get my e-newsletters? if so, you'll hear about Hershey as soon as we get something set.



jeff, I'am not sure if i am on your list.


Here's the link. Fill out the appl and we'll get you signed up ASAP.







Jeff is coordinating an 968 event but details have not been sent out yet. Once details are announced, I plan on attending the Friday evening event.


Look me up in the Porsche Concours Area at the Swap Meet, where I am a volunteer again this year. I will have my 968 parked in the Concours Area, as in previous years.


Look forward to seeing you and Emmy again.



I sent the info out to the PCA 968 register members yesterday but here it is for the fellow .NETers. The more 968s the merrier.

PCA Hershey swap – April 21st – The swap is being held on Saturday April 21st in the same location as previously used. For those of us that arrive early (Friday), a few of your fellow 968ers including myself will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn (550 East Main St Hummelstown, PA, 17036, Tel: 717-566-9292) and invite you to stop by for a “968 Friday night Cruise night”. After your dinner come on over to look at 968s and enjoy a drink at their Hilton happy hour bar if you like. We’ll hang out outside and talk 968s. You'll get to see my Speed Yellow coupe with the newly applied "mods"!!! We’ll start at 5:30pm and stay outside until the sun goes down and then we can move inside if you like. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a conference room for any Friday night presentations. Saturday you can join us at the swap. Gates open at 7:30 so get there whenever you want. Admission is $10 and you can park in the general parking area or for an addition $10, enter the concours and park in the concours area (which isn’t that far from the general parking area). Your choice. Then we’ll hang out at the swap, check out the cars and parts, socialize some more, and probably wrap up and say goodbye around 5pm. If you plan to join us let me know when (Friday, Saturday, or both) so we can watch out for you. The link to the event is below:







Thanks for putting this together again this again. As you know, I am a Sunday School Teacher and my class is praying for good weather!


I am planning on being at the hotel Friday around 4:30 and, as last year, if anyone would like to grab dinner before Jeff's 5:30 start date, there are a number of good restaurants nearby.


I will again be working in the Peoples Choice Concours area for the Central PA PCA Region and would appreciate if you could let me know at dhassenbein@comcast.net if you are planning to park your 968 in the Concours area so I can make parking arrangements. This year my 968 Coupe will be "display only" so you do not have to worry about "redbaron" copping one of the prizes - lol!


Ray Starbird has also been invited to attend the event and I hope that he can. Ray - congratulations on your first Wedding Anniversary and new daughter Zoya!  Ray is a Dad!!!!

2 weeks and counting

1 week from today!

Well, have you made your mind up to attend this outstanding event in Hershey?


You may say "it might rain" - well, the latest weather report says 74 degrees Friday and 65 degrees Saturday with a 35 % chance of a thunderstorm. Last year it rained on Saturday but neither I nor my garage queen 968 Coupe, which was parked in the Concours area, melted - lol!


You may say "why this event?"  well, the annual Porsche Only Swap Meet is the largest gathering of Porsches (normally 1000 plus) in the World plus there are more Porsche vendors there than any other show. Looking for a rare Sunroof, engine cover, etc - you could find them at the Swap Meet - I did.


You may say "who will be there?" well, Jeff is not publicizing the list of attendees so it is difficult to know. However, 150 968 owners attended the 7 968 Celebrations that I hosted (photos on this site) and many of these 968 Celebration Alumni have been known to show up. If you are a 968 Newbie, this is a perfect opportunity to meet other 968 owners and actually see the mods that they have done to their cars.


Bottom line, I will be there on both Friday night at the Hilton Garden Inn and parked in the Concours Area on Saturday. Hope to see many 968 Celebration Alumni and many 968 Newbies during these 2 days!

Weather is looking good, mid-seventies on both days.


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