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Check out this car show at www. greenwichconcours.com


Show is 2 days in Greenwich, CT, the first day June 5 for American Cars and the second day, June 6, for imports. I have shown both my 1994 968 Coupe (2007 - no prize, too new) and my 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe (2006 - won lst place in my class) and it is a great show, but you have to go thru a vetting process (send photos, write-up, etc) in order to show your car and you can only show your car every 4 years.


I will be showing my 57 Chevy this Saturday - if there are any East Coasters going - stop by the Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich and say hello.




P.S. If you never have attended, prepare to be shocked since this is a very high class show with very rare, and expensive, cars being shown.

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I can't make it, my son is having his confirmation this weekend. And yes, there are some killer cars shown there. Watch for cops on the Merrit Parkway!
Elke and I thoroughly enjoyed our 4th Concours in Greenwich, CT. Rain held off both days and there were lots of beautiful cars (see photos) to look at, interesting people to chat with (including Wayne Carini from the "Chasing Classic Cars" show_

Our 57 Chevy did not win this year, so I will have to try again when I am eligible in 2014. My 2006 Award "Best Closed Car 1955-1962" will have to suffice until when/if I win again.

I recommend anyone else with a Classic American or Import Car consider sending in their "request to show" for the 2011 event. Registrants pay nothing, other than their travel costs and hotel. Concours pays for breakfast, lunch and boat ride. Check www.greenwich.concours.com
I heard they finished early on Sunday to let people get the jump on the ride home-a friend told me he endured one of the worst thunderstorm of his life on the way back to NJ. That day we had a tornado watch, which is very rare here.
Saturday, we had showers the last 15 miles of our return trip to Hershey so I was happy about that. I understand Sunday that heavy rain started 30 minutes after an early awards ceremony.

I guess we can assume that the really expensive cars were transported in enclosed containers - I saw quite a few transport trucks at the event. We had heavy rain returning from one of the Concours and I remember praying that my 57 Wipers would not give up the ghost. Worst yet, it could have been hail!


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