Does anyone have any good leads on enclosed car transport companies that they would recommend?
Looking at getting a car shipped from Virginia to California. I've been in contact and got quotes from Reliable Carriers, Inc. and Intercity Lines thus far. Quotes seem to range from $1700-2000.

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HI, I just had my new 968 shipped from Ohio to the Seattle area using Momentum / Nations Transport. And yes, for that distance, look to $1800 bucks. Fully enclosed, very careful.

They were extremely fast and courteous. Only one drawback was that they needed a lot of space for their rig to pick up and deliver - hard to get into many neighborhoods. So plan on meeting at a large industrial areas or shopping mall near pickup/delivery locations - and logistics of a ride for your seller and you on those dates.

I called about 6-8 places for quotes. Reliable seemed cheapest, but they had no ability to commit to any pickup/delivery/in-transit dates/times due to their huge business with the professional auctions circuit. Nations/Momentum won out for me with care, schedule and cost.

Call Brian for a Quote. Tell him Dave J in Seattle (Red 968) referred you. (I'm not affiliated with the company in any way - just a satisfied customer)

Brian Ewing
Momentum Transport
Toll-Free: 1-866-309-7700
Direct: 281-220-6818
Fax: 713-559-8480
Email: brian@momentumlg.com

Good Luck,

Dave J
Thanks Brian!
I sent a Scirocco to Massachusetts last month from DAS, cost me 960, though not enclosed.
Passport Transport is the best in the business.  Been around 30+ years.  Have used them many times for all kinds of exotic cars.

I had an Audi S4 shipped from Dallas, TX to Northeast Ohio for $700 with Texas Auto Shippers.  The Lexus dealer whom I bought the traded-in S4 from arranged the transport and I was very pleased with the price and service.  There is no way I could have flown to Dallas and driven the car home cheaper than $700 in airfair, hotels and gas.

Autotrader.com uses DAS.  They provide a lot of options, that get pricey when added together, but you can also get a better rate by calling the office instead of the online quote if you are flexible to work with their existing transports.


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