i have a confession to make.... i'm a golfer (don't hold that against me) and took my 968 to the course and fit my clubs and cart in the boot/trunk no problem.... now the confession bit... on the way back from the course i slid the lever to tiptronic and drove home like I'd stolen the car. it was lateish, quiet and there was my justification. I currently own a few cars and without doubt the fun i had out of the 968 was bordering on sexual. i don't drive fast as a rule but every so often i get some generic testosterone from my dad who drives like he's on the run even if he's getting some milk. 

I thought my auto was a little tame but holy sweet baby jesus on the cross and all that sacred in the heavens above us i was wrong. tonight was a revelation, I loved every secon of it my car is a hard ride but you turn the wheel and it reacts instantly without body roll and it hugging you like 'go on...it's ok nothing is going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch'

I genuinely felt i had the only 968 in the world. so when i slowed down and drove into my estate it was a different feeling as in am I the only one who gets starred at by grown men and teenagers?? gawking in admiration??? i'm a tall skinny ugly pale skinned 38 year old that looks like his face was set on fire and tried to put it out with a fork and a bit like I'm really trying to hold in a fart all the time so i'm guessing it's the car.

anyway it was an Amazing experience and i really mean that it's almost like i've put every one of those 54000 miles myself. i've done 350. I have a living connection with my porsche which i've had one other time and that was with my first ever car.

Talk about nailing a driving experience. Thank you porsche.


Oh yeah my actual question.,... my steering seems quite heavy but honest if you know what i mean. i have A skyline GTR (not the new one but the r33) and the steering is light but beautiful. The 968 seems a lot heavier but still fantastic. Is mine ok? or are all similar? cause i hear the steering pump gives problems.


thanks fellas and thanks jeff for the friend request. Joe

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Hey Joe, sounds like you just discovered the thing that keeps us doing all this crazy stuff.  These cars are built for a purpose, not just for market share.  Enjoy.

Hey Joe


love your sorry superb

all 968's have heavily steering more or less


anyway just check any leaks and tyre pressure



Ah Um Ahhh... a Skyline(drool) and you are impressed with the 968? Don't get me wrong, I love both 968's and the 951, but I probably would give them up if I had to to own a Skyline, esp. the newest model, but a 34 would be nice.

You are right, the steering is a bit heavy, gives a bit better road feel.

The tip has several performance levels that the computer choses to switch to according to your driving habits.

Did you know that if you have trans in D, the car starts off in 2nd, but put in 3rd and trans. goes to 1st?

Fluid level is critical for tip cars, make sure you check level exactly as the manual shows or you could have a problem.


Ed, love the picture!! I've copied it and is on my iPhone screen. You rock. Adam thanks a million. I've always wanted a few things in life, I've got most except handsomeness of any kind, example... This kid in a wheelchair passed me in the street and I heard him say...'Jesus Did you see that guys face' bastard. And ken I love my skyline r33 gtr, love it. It's a totally different drive. Mine is totally original except for a few tasteful internal mods. Running at 340bhp. Believe the hype Ken for it's a full 2+2 0-60 in 4 seconds. However... I'm finding I'm getting into te 968 all the time and it handles better than the GTR not by much but it does. You're right about the R34 its stunning i hear they are banned over there in The US?? Cause they havent been safety checked or something? and as for the new one!!!!! OMFG!! A girl on my street has one!!! Yes a girl!! I spit at her everytime I pass her. She LOVES my 968 says it more her!!?? So I spat at her again. However this porsche has sparked something in me that is different and I'm loving it. This is a fantastic site and all have u have made this Irish fella very welcome. Thanks guys. Joe.
oh and no one told me about the driving habits malarky. Very interesting. Thats a brilliant bit of info. 

Thought you might like the banner.  It sums up my feelings for Porsches.  Today I am installing new trim on my sills.  Thanks to Jeffs direction it is quite easy.  One car done and no broken clips.  It takes longer to clean than to replace.  It is always a good day when the cars look great.


Hi Joe

hope you are well and enjoying the 968




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