I thought I’d give an update on the leak in my ’95 968’s fuel tank.  After a lot of searching and spilled fuel, I was able to locate the leak and I’m surprised it’s not more common of a problem. 


In any event, what has happened to my fuel tank is this.  The flex hose from the external filler neck is what connects the outside filler neck to the fuel tank itself.  The fuel tank has a neck that is about 3 inches long that sticks out from the tank itself.  I have a 1.5” crack at the very base of the fuel tank neck where it connects to the tank itself.  The tank body is remarkably soft to the touch and it appears that over time (since 1995) the tank neck has flexed toward and away from the tank and “plastic fatigue” has caused this crack.  The tank is FAR more flexible that the connecting flex hose and when I press on the tank or move the hose, the tank flexes right where the crack is.


My problem has been trying to find something that will bond to the plastic tank and be a barrier to fuel.  3M has the only product I could find that is supposed to work.  It’s called DP8005 and while the cost of the 2 part adhesive is cheap at about $35, the gun to apply it with the required tip makes the total about $150.  It is due to arrive today and I will post photos of the crack and hopeful repair in the hopes it helps someone else in the future with their 968.  It will be unseasonably cold here for a day or so, so the repair may have to wait until this weekend.


Fingers crossed!

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Did the 3m DP8005 work?

Sorry for not updating.  Yes, it did work.  The 3M product dries into what appears to be a million tiny bubbles that you can almost see through.  I was worried it wouldn't be air tight.  But it has worked fine and I can now open my windows without worrying about the smell of raw gas.

Thanks, I 'm going to try it.


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