FS: 1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet, $14,000 OBO, MUST SELL, Belton, Texas

Hate to let this gem go, but I can't "have it all" so it's time to find her a new family.

All maintenance up to date.  Cab top used in manual mode.  A few pics are posted below.

Here is a link with all the details:


And some specs, courtesy of Jeff:

1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

VIN:                         WP0CA2964RS840507

Type:                       968

(681 cabs produced in 1994; 2008 total).

Engine code:           M4443-42R (3.0L I-4)

Transmission code: G4400-10 (6-sp manual; 1447 produced)

Paint code:              L39S (Aventurine Green; 59 produced)

Interior code:           PJ (Marble Grey & Black; partial leather; 60 cabs, 63 coupes)

Optional Equip

CO2: US emissions (1952 of 2008)

XD4 (Painted Porsche crest center caps, 923 cabs equipped)

331  (AM/FM/Cassette)  

418  (Moldings, protective side, body colored)      

437  (Full power seat-Left)     

454  (Cruise control (standard equipment))   

09991 (Factory installed options- “X__” codes)

Cabriolets:  2008 cabs of 4242 total 968’s produced.

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Looks nice!!...is this a 718 car?...the rims tell me it is.

If I'm reading Jeff Coe's post correctly (http://www.968.net/forum/topics/whats-an-option-code-718-968), it's a pure '94.  The "R" in the 10th position of the VIN indicates "1994", and I don't see a "718" in the list of option codes (see picture added to advert).

That's what makes me curious Matt. Your VIN clearly has the RS code. But the rims tells me it's a 93. They switched the rims to 17" cups in 94. We better get "uncle" Jeff to explain!!!

......He just might have the explanation.

Kaj, this is a "real" 1994. It does not have the 718 code. It has the later 993 style seats like your car. It is also aventurine which is a color that showed up later in 1994.

You can also see from the option tag that this car is NOT a 17" wheel car. For a late 94, like your car, the 17" wheel option would be code 398 (code 403 for the earlier 968s). This car came standard with the 16"s. Someone added the 17"s and when they did, they decided to go with the earlier 17" cup1 design (which you would find optional on the earlier 968s) rather then the correct 17" cup2s. FYI, the 16"s are also referred to as cup1s, just as 16" cup1s. They were the standard and the same for all 4 model years.

This car is a "1 of 1" when you factor in the exterior, top, and interior color!


Great...Thanks for answering this question. I learn something every day. It's a beautiful car. Should do well.



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