For Sale: Classic Grey Steering Wheel / Clock / Passenger Air Bag / Misc Parts

I'm doing some cleaning and am offering the following spares up for sale:


1)   Classic Grey Steering Wheel/Air Bag - $150 obo

2)   Clock & Storage Bin - $75 obo

3)   Passenger Air Bag - $30 obo

4)   Steering Wheel Clockspring - $20 obo

5)   RS Barn 18lb MotorSport FlyWheel (With D1R Recommended Upgrade performed) - $700 obo

6)   Valve Cover - $75 obo

7)   Sport Seat Frames / motors (Early and late are same part #) - $175 obo

8)   8-Way Power/Heated Burgundy Leather w/ Cloth Insert Seats (Early) - $450 obo

9)   Relays (Tested) - $20/each let me know which one your looking for and I'll see if I have it

10) Chestnut Brown Interior Door Handles - $20 obo

11) 17" Cup II 968 Wheels w/ newer tires - $1,200 obo

12) 18" Hollow Spoke Technology 993 Turbo Twsists - $1,400 obo          

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Hello Daniel,

I am interested in your clock and storage bin if it is still available.  can you let me know the color?  Please feel free to call me at 609-240-2533 or by email at william.hare@hare.ws.


Bill Hare

Hi William,

All the parts are still available; I just sent you a PM.

Thanks, Dan

Hello Daniel,

Could you email me at familyhare@gmail.com.  I didn't see your email in my other account. 




Could you contact Simpson at simpsonman@gmail.com regarding some of the parts you have listed. He is interested in them but his registration on this site has not yet been approved so he asked me to post this.






Sure thing; thanks for letting me know.


Hi Daniel,

A gentleman who is not yet registered on the site is looking for a part you have for sale and contacted me. It is a batwing?? I'm not sure exactly what that is. He is from Quebec but seems like  nice 968 owner. If you could send him an email at jeanfrancoisfortier70@gmail.com that would be great as he is interested in the part.


Good luck.


Hi Jeff,

The batwing goes under the nose of the car and improves down force and engine cooling as well as protects the front of the engine. It's kind of shaped like a bat wing.


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