I'm having a weld-in roll bar/harness bar built for my 92 968 (which I'm converting to a mostly-track car) at Hanksville Hotrods in Littleton, Colorado.  The parts will fit into a box estimated to be 56" x 9" x 38", and will weigh in the neighborhood of 50 pounds. I was wondering if there's anyone who lives in the area who would be willing to pick the package up from Hanksville Hotrods in Littleton, and take it to the Denver Greyhound station to have it shipped to me via Greyhound Package Express, about a 15 mile trip.  This would save a ton on shipping costs relative to going freight.  I'd be happy to reimburse you the cost of the gas.  The roll bar should be ready toward the end of March.  Greyhound Package Express is open 24 hours, which makes it pretty convenient.  If this is something somebody would be willing to do, please send me an IM.  Thanks!

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