I have a 1994 968. My problem is the car idels rough while standing still or when taking off. Runs good at higher throttle but as soon as I stop it starts to act up.The following is new or newer. Fuel pump & filter. O2 sensor & cat. Wires cap plugs and rotor. Injectors rebuilt & flow tested seals replaced. Knock and temputure sensor's new.  Intake seal replaced and  torqued to spec's. Fuel pressure tested & is  to spec's. A smoke EVAP/machine was used to detect air leak's none found. I ran a diagnostic and I got code #23 oxygen regulation. Love the car. It's a blast to drive. It's wants to be back on the road. I do have other toy's but the 968 is one of my favorites. If any of my fellow 968 owner's have had a simalar problem(s) and you have corrected it let me know how it was solved. P.S I have lots of parts for 944/968/951/928 and some for other Porsche model's. Thank you for your responces.

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The odometer fis is available at www.odometergears.com

Basically, there is a small plastic gear that breaks over time that needs to be replaced. Good luck. I am also fixing mine.


How about the instrument light? What's a good bright light fix?

Here's something you could try:




Here are instructions for the fix I used, which works really well:






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