92 968... Any 'Gotchas' on Cam Cover replacement?  Oil leaking down plug #4... Looks like a simple 'Remove and Replace'...



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I am having the same problem.  My mechanic told me it was simple to replace the seal but I'm not enough of a mechanic to do it.  I'll post a solution when I find it or how easy it is if I get the nerve to try.



Heck, I haven't gotten around to doing mine yet... Flu and unexpected BMW problems... Let you know what I find out when I get to it...

 Need to replace the seals on my tip. Got the gaskets already.   I would make sure to "wake up" the bolts holding the vlv cover, be careful of the wires to the hall sender.

I don't think it would be hard to do for even the least experienced mech. Follow the torque specs, and if there is a pattern to snug the cover down. (prob not, but wouldn't hurt to follow a cross pattern)

If I had thought about it, I would have ordered a bolt of each size for the cover, just in case. Also, there are seals under the washers on the bolts, may not need replacement, but I ordered enough for both 968's in case.

 Replaced the vlv cover gasket, 4 spk plug valley seals, and all the seals under hold down bolts.

Fuel lines need to be disconnected, variocam sensor plug (not sure of official name), hall sender plug, just be sure not to lose the silicone seal in the head of the plug like I almost did.

There is a collar w/2 allen screws that holds or seals the variocam sensor, it has an o-ring inside to seal against the sensor. Do not try to pull or unscrew the sensor itself. Lift the vlv cover over it after removing screws and collar. There also is a paper gasket under the collar, if you are careful, both o-ring and gasket will be ok. I would have ordered new if I had paid attention to the parts man. and noticed the two.

 I also noticed that in the corners of the vlv cover gasket where it meets the head, there was a sealant. Prob. some sort of silicone. The man. may specify, but I used regular old black silicone, after ensuring the old stuff was cleaned off.

 B4 I do the 6-speed, I will order the gasket and o-ring for both cars.

Starting to notice a popping sound from the suspension or steering on the 6-speed, thing is so low probably a big strain on the ball joints. Oh well, need to put it up on stands to replace bushing at front of starter anyway. Never ending battle with the 3 cars


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