Bought an RS stainless tip.  Anyone need an OE tip in good shape with clamp (no bolt)?

$30 and I'll pick up the shipping.  Pay Pal  bkcraun@aol.com

Shipping to CONUS only.




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Hi Bill,

I live in Sydney Australia.

Will you ship to me as well.



I have no idea what that would cost extra.  Let me look into it.
Sorry mate, shipping would be more than what I'm charging for the part!

I put the tip on e-Bay with a $9.99 opening bid + shipping.

Still only willing to ship to CONUS.  Link is here:




It was worth a try.



Do you realize the 92 is special? It has the rolled edge. Maybe 93 used it too. Good luck.
I did not realize that.  Thanks!  I'll change the ad.

Hi Bill,


I'll take it if you still have it.  Thanks,Dan



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