Need some help, I have a '92 Amethyst Cabriolet with gray interior and Tiptronic trans, I only have 34,500 miles on it and I need to sell it. Not sure what I should be asking. I just want a fair price. Can someone help?

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Well, that is a rare one. Post the last 3 digits of the VIN and I'll give you the exact details. But you have to find someone who likes the color and wants a Tiptronic (less desireable). Is the maintenance up to date? Belts done? All records? How does the car look? What state are you in? The car could be worth from $15K - $20K IMHO based on answers to those questions. I would advertise on eBay. You get the greatest exposure.

The last three of vin# 385. Yes, all maintenance and records are up to date. I live in Michigan the car is very clean, no damage.

Thanks for your help!

HMM,, 385? 92 cab? can you double check that. Thx

I see it now Jim, thanks. Here are the production details for you:

The car is #325 of 2,008 North American 968 cabs

The car is #325 of 649 1992 North American cabs

It is 1 of 22 North American cabs painted in F9 Amethyst

It is 1 of 3 North American cabs painted in F9 Amethyst paired with a black top and a classic gray interior

Factory options include F9 Amethyst metallic paint, TT partial leather in classic gray, 490/494 hi-fi sound with amps.






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