Start making your plans! South Lake Tahoe, CA! July 8th -10th, 2016!


 We’ve got the perfect venue for a 2016 968 West Coast Gathering - - South Lake Tahoe!


Here are the particulars:


Dates: Friday, July 8 through Sunday July 10, 2016. You can come earlier and stay later and get the group rates.


The main hotel is the 968 Park Hotel.  Check it out at: 



To book your room at the 968 Park Hotel, call the hotel at 530-544-0968 and mention the code “Porsche” to receive the exclusive discount rates. Make your reservations early, this is a small property, so book as soon as you can so you can be guaranteed a room. The rates won’t apply for the 4th of July weekend, however.


Next door is the Park Tahoe Inn that offers lower rates.  Check it out at: http://www.parktahoeinn.com/

To book your room at the Park Tahoe Inn, call the hotel at 530-544-6000 and mention the code “Porsche” to receive the discount rates.


This is not a PCA-sponsored event, rather it is a gathering for all 968 owners for the purpose of having a great weekend in a spectacular setting with your 968!  For more information, contact Bob Frith at bob911@cableone.net


Come join in the fun!

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Hoping to spread the words. I am safely booked at the 968 Park.

Have a hotel update for everyone. The rates at the 968 Park have gone up for those that have not made reservations yet. Our rate was pegged to a discount from rack, and the hotel just raised the rack rate, a couple months earlier that they thought they would. I guess this summer season is looking good for the S. Lake Tahoe area.

So, the new rate is 20% off of rack rate, rather than the 15% we had before. Normal discounts, like for AAA, are 10%, so our rate is still best offer at that hotel. They will also continue to waive the "resort fee", further saving some money. The rest of the package (covered parking, reception drink coupons, etc) are still in place.

They are down to only 20 vacant rooms in the hotel.

So, those of us that jumped on early have a heck of a rate, since those are fixed, and can there-by afford to bring better wines. Those that haven't made up their minds, and not yet made reservations, better do so soon before they sell out or bump the rates again.

The adjacent hotel, the Park Tahoe, which offered lower amenities and rates, is closed for remolding and may not be re-opened in time for us. I have checked around the very close hotels and not found better rates without room guarantees, which I can't do, but I did see some properties on Kayak that have lower rates. So, if you plan to go but want to spend less, i recommend searching for the hotel and rate you want and book it soon!

Sorry for the changes, but it happens..

Here's the latest on the 968 West Coast Gathering Agenda - July 8-10. Still time to sign up but don't wait too long!


Friday, July 8: Arrivals, car wash area at hotel available if needed, late afternoon/early evening no host reception in 968 Park Hotel bar/lobby, casual dinner at nearby restaurants (I'm thinking about a German restaurant, let me know if you are interested). BYO hospitality room at 968 Park Hotel for after-dinner get-together.


Saturday, July 9:  Morning gathering at 968 Park Hotel, mid-morning departure for loop drive east on some great roads (departure time TBA), lunch in Virginia City, group dinner at J. T. Basque restaurant in Gardnerville, NV, photo ops, car wash area at hotel, after-hours get-together at hospitality room (BYO or some donated wine and scotch tastings, etc.)


Sunday, July 10: mid-Morning departure for loop drive southwest over great driving route for lunch and wine tasting at Vino Noceto. Those that want to depart Sunday afternoon depart can depart from there while the rest return to SLT, group dinner in SLT for those staying.


Monday, July 11: Final depart for home.

Let me know if you have any thoughts/questions.

All sounds good. Let's talk details Friday night. We will need a lead and a sweeper for the run.

So here is the latest on the early part of the 968 West Coast Gathering weekend.

Check in at the 968 Park, even if you are staying someplace else, and ask at the front desk for the Porsche 968 Gathering material.  There will be an envelop with details about the weekend, maps and directions for the Sat and Sun drives, and other tips.

Couple of things to start off the weekend: We will have the bar/lounge available at 4 pm for our early use. I plan to arrive in SLT around 1 pm.on Friday. :EmoticonCar:  Come to the lounge at 4 and we'll be there. Feel free to bring snacks, etc, - we can bring in our own treats (sorry, no alcohol, laws, you know, but people staying at the Park will get two drink tickets they can use).:beer:  I'm afraid the car wash area isn't going to happen, there is a water use restriction in place now and hoses are verboten. :angry:  But, there are some nearby car washes listed on the check-in material that you can visit.

Dinner Friday night is not an organized dinner. Not knowing how many would be there in time for dinner, and not being able to find a restaurant flexible enough to work with me, complicated that. Restaurants are very busy right now. :angry2:  We could bring in pizza for the hospitality room if that works for people or break into small groups and hit the town. Or you can make reservation now for your choice of places to eat, just check on Yelp.:unsure:

Dinner Sat night will be a cash affair, no credit cards.  $33/person including wine, taxes and tips.So stock up on US currency.

There is major remodeling going on at their adjacent property, which is why it was closed for us to use, so parking is restricted at the hotel.  When you check in, be sure to secure your covered parking space, they are being held for us.  We will have to gather off-site to begin our drives, information will be in your package. The Saturday start time is being finalized, expect to be ready to leave at 9 am and I"ll let you know if it is any later..

Got some fun stuff planned for the weekend, come ready to play!

I'll post any last minute changes NLT Thursday evening.

Looking forward to seeing you all in SLT!

Incredible weekend thanks to Bob and team. Two days of touring Lake Tahoe with 9 beautiful 968 Coupe's  and Cabriolet's


Nine stunning looking 968's lined up on the shore of Lake Tahoe



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