Due to health - if I can not service this machine on my own, then I will sell it.

I parked it when the service date was due to replace the timing belt etc..

I have belts, water pump, filters, slotted rotors, Mich Pilot Sport, Stainless Brake Lines and more that are still in my Office.

Hello old friends,


(860) 935-0200  /  gild@att.net




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Hi Gilder, Good luck with the health issues. I've been there myself.

As for Gilder's car here are some more details:


#8 of 2,234 produced

1 of 19 F9 Amethyst metallic coupes

1 of 5 F9 Amethyst coupes paired with a magenta interior

Options include VE partial leather in magenta, 220 Limited slip, 437 full power drivers seat, and code 740 which is show car finish indicating this car had some kind of promotional background.





i sthe car for sell now and $$ you desire for the car

any photos ???



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