Just bought a 968 Cab.<br /> Doing lots of service to bring the car up to date, been sitting for 5 years with very little use.


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Comment by Ole Christensen on May 27, 2016 at 7:08pm

Thanks Bob.

Car has 80000 KM or 50000 Miles on, doing all the belts and water pump and all the rest.

Car was looked after with service and fluids over the time and I do have records, been looking after the car in my repair shop since 2001.

Always interesting to bring a motorcar up to par again after sitting.

I do need to find a new fog light for the right side or a very nice used one, the left one has been replaced so the right one looks a little different, not broken but I am a bit fussy.

Looking forward to get it ready for summer.


Comment by Bob on May 26, 2016 at 9:12pm
Congrats, you'll love the car. Do you have service records? How many miles on it? Sitting for a long time isn't good for cars, just like with people. Change all fluids, coolant, brake fluid, etc. Look at changing the timing and balance shafts belts 40k miles or 5 years max, same with balance shafts belts and check cam pads for wear. Very much $ if they break. Change all belts. Have fun!



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