Has anyone used any of the XADO additives?  Results?

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Hi Rodrigo, I think ultimately it did do some good. I'm not sure how much or if it was worth the cost. The engine in my 968 had some poor seals, and that is where I invested most of my money. My car regularly got well over 30 miles per gallon on freeway trips, even through the mountains, and that was going 70 or so mph. I really believe Porsche should look at updating the design and producing the car again. Times have changed, of course, and this car would be a hit if they could price it right. It's absolutely beautiful.

I've since moved on to a 1999 996, and I have to say I love that car, too, but I will always have a huge soft spot for the 968. It is an amazing bit of engineering, well ahead of its time, I think.


Thanks. I believe I'll try it.

I agree on the 968. To my taste, it is the best-looking Porsche ever. I'll drive it until it falls apart, run out of money, or die.


p.s. Congratulations in the "new" 996

Thanks Rodrigo. Hang in there with the 968. Somebody else around just got one. I saw it driving around last week, and it is beautiful. 


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