Has anyone used any of the XADO additives?  Results?

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Could you tell more about them? I will Google them. I did buy an additive that I haven't added that is supposed to help maintain the inner surface of the engine. It received a ton of favorable reviews on Amazon, but I'm afraid I bought snake oil. Sigh.

I ran across an ad for XADO in a car mag, then Googled.  There were many testimonials (some way over the top--too good to be true), and some criticisms.  There were also lab tests that sounded convincing, but always from far away (Australia, Russia).  So, who knows?  I would like to ask someone who has used them.


Aha! I thought this was familiar! I actually have the atomic revitalization stuff in the garage. I've been waiting for my next oil change to put it in the engine to see if it works. It cost $59.95. I hope it works. Like you, I figured I would give it a shot to see what would happen. I read the reviews on Amazon before buying it. The company is Russian.

My transmission could use a little atomic revitalization.  The stuff is not expensive, so from that aspect it may be worth a try.  It may not help; can it hurt?

I don't think so, Rodrigo, though $50 is spendy to me. Many of the reviews on Amazon are positive and from verified buyers, which is why I bought it. The stuff has been sitting in the garage since November. I'll put it in the engine tomorrow and give you a report as soon as I notice anything.

Yes $50+ is more than the average additive but if it works it is worth thousands!  I would be very obliged, Monte, if you would tell me what your engine is like now (mileage, general performance, specific deficiencies you can notice) and how it progresses.  As I mentioned, I would like to use some of their transmission additive.  My transmission is sometime difficult to put into first, and it buzzes and rattles ( a high whir) at speed.  I hope, with high skepticism, that the additive would mitigate some of the effects of 122,000 miles of wear.


My car has 144000 miles but is otherwise in pretty good shape. It has a slow oil leak that i catch in a drip pan. The leak probably has dripped five or six tablespoons over the last few months. The transmission is in good shape. As for the sound, you might want to get that checked out. I remember reading that some 968s had a serious problem that produced a symptom similar to yours. It also existed in some 944s. I may be wrong, though. I will keep you updated as I am going to put it in the engine today or tomorrow.

Well, I've had the Xado stuff in the engine for a few weeks. I'm not sure it has made a lick of difference. It hasn't hurt the engine. I actually notice, I think, a slight increase in the amount of oil that is being used. It's still well below the Porsche standard for normal. I have probably lost a tenth of a quart, if that, since changing the oil.


The engine may idle a bit more smoothly, and there may be an increase in torque, but it is only a feeling, and I haven't made a scientific analysis, obviously. It's also been only about 500 or 600 miles since I poured the stuff into the engine, and according to the web site it takes longer than that for it to integrate into the engine.



The stuff was pretty expensive through Amazon.

I'm a statistician, and I would not tackle this issue.  Setting up the experiment and analyzing the results would be simple.  Obtaining the data would be exacting and expensive.  So I think impressions will have to suffice.  But you know your car, so the impressions have an objective basis.  How about sound, vibration, maybe gas mileage?

Howdy Rodrigo,


The engine is running smoother, I think. Today, as I was driving, it felt as if there might be a bit more torque, but the temperature over the last few days has been about 10 degrees cooler, and that could have something to do with it. I didn't track mileage, but my impression is that it's about the same. I do think the idle is smoother, and, maybe I'll notice more changes, hopefully for the better, as time elapses. The changes aren't huge. They are fairly subtle.

Subtle changes are OK, as long as they persist.  You are probably correct that 500 miles may be too soon.  Articles I have read talk of thousands.

Last asked about this in 2013.  Any further results?


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