Hi All,


After doing something stupid this morning, I am now looking for a left rear taillight assembly. Does anyone have one for sale?




Monte Olsen
Eugene, OR

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I have a pair I would be willing to sell.  They are in good used shape.  What $ did you have in mind?


Walter P.

Hi Walter,

Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, I already bought one from a used parts place. It's supposed to be here today. If it's not real good, I will be getting in touch with you. Do you have other things for sale? I'm always looking for something. <G>



I have a few things in my barn. I can take a look around and get back. Where you looking for anything in particular?


Howdy Walter,


Well, not right now, but ya never know. <G>

Hello Walter, I could use a drivers side tail light lens. Do not need housing. Mine has a few spider cracks. Are yours in good condition?
I am away for holiday until 1/1/2011. When I get home I will give them a good looking over and get back.


Hey Kurt.


Sorry for the delay.  Happy new year anyway.


The pair I have are actually in pretty good shape.  They came from my 93' I replaced them with new because I thought they looked pink but when I got the new ones there was really no fading.  I did install the new ones and stored the oem.  You can have them for $50 shipped if still interested, and I can send pics to an e-mail.



Do you still have rear tail light lens?? Bill. Articgolf@hotmail.com


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