WTB clean, low milage, 968 Cab 6 speed. Long Island, NY

Lost my 94 to hurricane Sandy.  

Looking for a replacement.

Documented history ++, LSD+, performance upgrades+

Thanks in advance.

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They are out there. Watch the PCA mart site as well as the usual places.


I see a couple on ebay - one sort of tarted up Red 92 in Connecticut with low miles. A grey 94 in Staten Island that a dealer bought at auction. and a private seller in So. NJ selling an early 94 similar to my old one but with the older seats.

Does anyone know anything about these?


I would join, and check PCA as Jeff suggested. They tend to sell a little higher, but also tend to be more enthusiastic owners. If you really want the right car, you may have to travel for it. Keep that in mind, and whatever you do get a PPI.


Got a very clean, well documented Red 95 cab with grey interior.

Thanks for everyone's help


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