What's your opinion about the best leather cleaner/treatment?

I would like to poll the members about who they think makes the best leather treatment system for the leather used on 968's and why.  Also, how often do you treat them?


My seats are perfect and I would like to keep them that way.  I live in the south with heat and humidity but the car is always garaged.


Thanks for your thoughts!



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I've had great success with   Leather CPR   and  with  Manchester Leather Food .  The first is a great cleaner, and it also does preserve and maintain a soft feel quite well, the second does not clean, but I have yet to find anything that is even nearly as great ( unbelievable for that matter..) in terms of durability / longevity of its protection and preservation capabilities.  Just my personal experience.         
Thanks Dan, where is the best place to find them?


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