My 968 coupe has a leak at the very base of the main filler hose where it attaches to the plastic tank's filler neck.  Either it's the hose or the tank neck.  I'm ordering the hose and while I hope that's it, I want to be prepared for the worst.  

From what I've seen, no one makes a sealant for the plastic fuel tanks.  The reason is that while plenty of sealants are resistant to fuel, noting seems to stick to the plastic the tanks are made of.

In my case, that's not a problem because I can get a clamp around the area of the neck that could be leaking.  My thought is to get some of the same plastic the tank is made of and then with acetone use the extra piece to make a sealant.  I'm assuming the plastic will stick to itself.

Either that or I use some flexible material with fuel resistant sealant to make a sort of bandage with the use of the clamp to hold it in place.  I don't need a permanent fix, just something to last a few months while I save to have a new tank put in.  

Any idea or anyone know what type of plastic is the tank made of?

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