I need to replace my water pump and while doing it I guess it makes sense to do the things too.  Anyone have thoughts on what labor should be?


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I am told parts are about $150-$300 (high end if you do the water pump which most people replace at same time) and labor can run around $300-$400.  Well worth avoiding the catastrophe of a broken timing belt.  I believe the book says change every 60,000 miles, but recommended to do it a 40,000 to be safe.

Thanks Joe,  fyi, the parts for the timing belt, tensioners, water pump, hoses, etc were about 600, then found I needed the hydraulic tensioner, cam seal and front seals for another 400, (cheapest I could find) and the labor..... Bolts breaking, etc. cant be good news.  This whole thing will cost 2k+... Gotta love a porsche ;)

Ouch.  Thanks for the heads up.  Yeah, i now some timing belt kits go for around $300, but I'm sure it can go much higher.  I have to replace mine soon, so now I know what to be prepared for.

Best, Joe

Belts, rollers, water pump, thermostat are about $1,500 here.  Get the Gates belts if you can, I put Conti's on mine the last time around but I'm in there a lot and will replace them religiously.

I also had the seals done and final cost around 2100.  I dont car so much about that as the car runs lousy.  Getting the whine but also think timing is off as I get a little tap when at low rpm.  

So does the car run worse than before you had the work done? Whine is nothing to worry about, but timing is for sure.

The mechanic finally got the tools to test the timing and readjusted it today.  I didnt get it back yet so dont know how it is running yet.  He keeps telling me I didnt get the right parts, genuine porsche etc. but I did order them from a porsche supply house.  And the Water pump is a rebuilt porsche WP.  He says now I should check the wires/ plugs etc.  It's getting out of hand for a car I drive about 1200 miles/ yr.

A bad shop will do that to you. A small problem will become something that never goes away and eats cash. Ask me how I know... Not the car's fault though.

Has anyone ever heard of a hydraulic tensioner going bad?

Tap is not good. Whine can be fixed easily by loosening up belt, but may want to put a few miles on it first if it is not too loud. Balance shaft belt seems to look and feel too loose when it is just right.

How experienced is this mechanic? Hopefully he knows how to properly set the balance shaft marks, otherwise you will have some vibration.

If the timing belt is off by just a few teeth, could cause problems such as bent valves at the least.

It's not really a tap.  more like a slight tick and seem to have narrowed it down to something in the flywheel area.  The car is running good, but still have that small issue.  Do you know if there is supposed to be a cap or top to the small (1-1/2 inch) opening to the driver side of the flywheel?

Do you mean the timing mark viewing hole on top of the bell housing and behind the oil filler neck, or the round clutch inspection hole on the bottom of the bell housing?

The hole on the top has no cap, and the one on the bottom does, but many of them fall out - they are only a few dollars from Sunset if you want to replace it.

That is on the bottom at the rear of the engine right?  Thats why I am getting that sound...

Thanks for your help...


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