Looking for right fog light, prefer new one, but would also buy 2 good used ones.

Left one on my 1992 968 was replaced so the right one has a few small stone chips.


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I saw some on 968Forums site for sale. The rare yellow edition.


Hi Seen those also, would prefer to have the clear.

Thanks for looking.


If you every replace yours I'm always interested in a spare unit regardless of condition, good luck sourcing what you need.

Hi Matthew.
Still looking, going to Germany soon and will pick up some if I see them.
Will keep you posted.

That's great Ole thanks, good luck sourcing any in Germany, great idea.

I am interested in a unit (either side, although RHS if its complete, or LHS or RHS if the lens is broken for me to play experiment with a replacement lens I have).

For now I have fitted the attached brake cooling ducts, and colour-coded them Riviera Blue

Back from Germany, still no luck with fog lights, may have to buy a whole car to get fog lights!





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