Wanted to buy: 968 Cabriolet in good condition with major services already done.  I will tolerate all mileage depending on condition.  However, I would prefer exterior colors of Black, Blue, or Silver.  No Red or White please.  If you're selling your's, please email pictures and asking price.  Thanks,



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I have a 1994 968 cab.  pictures attached.  I love the car but would like to upgrade to a newer carrera and my wife says I can't have both.  It has 84K miles on it.  perfect except for foggy rear window.  always garaged and very clean.  I'm asking $16K.  Let me know if you're interested.


Dan Schmidt


Hi Dan -


I could potentially be interested in your 968 also if Rob is not interested.  I have sent you a friend link to discuss.   Thanks.



Rob wants a manual. Mine is auto/tip.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks!



Nice looking 968.  Is it a manual or automatic? Where are you located?




Thanks, it is automatic/tip.  I'm in Novato in Northern California.

Thanks Daniel, but I'm interest in a manual.  Nice looking 968 though.

Hi Robert

I've been looking for a good home for my "baby" ... a polar silver 1994 Cabriolet ... all major work has been completed including new dual mass flywheel ... timing belt ... brakes ... tires ... clutch ... power steering pump ...

I've uploaded some pictures for you to view.

PS  It's a 6 speed, 142,00 pampered miles ... full power ... black leather interior ...  two mechanics have worked on it for the last ten years.








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