Hi all!
I have a 94 968 Cab 6sp that I
need to sell. Unfortunately I have run into a problem and I would like
some input on the matter. First I will start with the good. The car is
in amazing condition and only has 38K miles on it! It is black on black
with chrome wheels. I have some records and the Porsche maintenance book
showing stamped service from new. I inherited the car from my mothers
husband who bought it from a private owner in CA.
So here is the bad. The car came from CA with a clean title but when we
went to register it here in WA it came back as salvage from Georgia!
After spending many hours on the phone and even hiring a lawyer in GA to
resolve the matter I have been unable to get the salvage brand removed.
It turns out that GA has two listings for this vin number one that is
clean and one that says it was salvaged with 54 miles on it in August of
94. I know this to be incorrect as the mileage does not match what the
service records show. I have had the car inspected by several places
including the Washington State Patrol and not a single one can find
anything wrong with the car. Yet Georgia will not correct their records.
I have even talked with the governor of Georgia and he could not help.
So I still need to sell the car but I have no I idea how much I can
reasonably ask for it considering that pesky little word on the title. I
hope someone can give me a good estimate on what I should ask for the
car, heck maybe someone here is interested in buying it. Either way
whoever buys the car is going to be getting one hell of a deal. Here is a
link to some pics I took of the car. If anyone has any questions let me
know I would be more than happy to answer anything I can.



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It will be almost impossible to have a salvage title "fixed", or removed. The simple reason is that the purpose of a salvage title is to protect potential buyers from a problem that they can't see. If it were possible to "fix" a salvage title then it would essentially defeat it's basic purpose.

Given that the value of a salvage title is up to 40% of market value for a non-totaled car, based on the extent of the damage and the quality of the repair, your car will not bring you anything near what you want for it, especially with the market as soft as it is (check out the recent sale prices of non-salvaged 40K mile cars in good shape). My estimate for the market value of your car with the title challenge is $7K to $9K. At that price you'll find someone who does not care about the title.

My recommendation - fill it up with gas, put some air in the tires, and drive it until the mileage catches up with the value. Enjoy the car Jim - its likely worth more to you than to anyone else.
Car looks great, damn shame about the title
Hi Mark,
Yep I still have the car. I've decided that since I can't get the title issue resolved I'm going to keep the car and just enjoy it till the mileage matches what I can get for it. That is unless you make me an offer I can not refuse.

Shoot me an email. mtnspeed@mac.com

You can ask for what you think the car is worth, but it might be hard to convince someone to pay it with that cloud hanging over the title. But you only need to convince i person. The car looks stunning. I'd buy it for $5k and never look back! ;) Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Phil Mitchell
Hi, judy checking to see if this car is still available... My email is jjriker@comcast.net..



Car still for sale?  Thank you


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