I'd like to buy a 968 project car. I'd prefer that it was a coupe, and that it's a manual. The paint color isn't an issue as long as it's not red or yellow. And I don't really care about the interior. As I said before, I want a project car - a wrecked one, one with high miles, busted part or anything. I'm on a pretty restrictive budget, so the car needs to be less than $5,000.00.

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I don't know if you can find that for 5,000 $.....I believe that parting out a 968 brings already more cash
I'm pretty sure you can, it's just difficult. I bought mine for less than $5,000.00.
Erik, is this something you want for the street or the track?
Its just for the street.
95 968 Coupe Black / Black 6 speed, 247 hp, one owner, Ltd slip, Good tires, AC cool, Everything works $10,999
609 351 2068
Man, I wish I could purchase it, but I'm on the other side of the country.
Arash (FRporscheman on Rennlist) was talking about getting ride of high-mileage car over on Rennlist in this thread. $5k is a super-low price point, but if the location works out.... -- he's in California.
Keep looking around. There are some really good deal out there right now. I know of 3 cars that were in really good shape that have sold for around the 6K to 7K in the past few weeks. The cars were in Ky, Nc and Florida.

Hey, yes I want to sell my '93 coupe... But I can't take 5k for it. It has 245k miles and a tired bottom end, but I have a lot of money in the top end, suspension and other things. I was probably going to "ask" 9k and take 8.

It needs a bottom end rebuild, otherwise mechanically great, interior is very clean classic gray, exterior is horizon blue with plenty of chips in the front. I don't know, if you're interested let me know, if not no worries and good luck.

This sounds like a good deal for you:
Thanks for the offer, but with my slim budget I think that replacing the motor would cost roughly $5,000.00. That's quite a lot if you add the cost of the car. Oh, and I like your Volante, by the way.
Erik, have you looked at the one I have posted on another thread here? It's a bit more than 5k, but it's in good shape.
Where are you located? I may want to sell my 968 coupe. It is not a project car. Does need some cosmetic work on the dash and a paint job. It is good mechanically has all new important parts in the engine. I could sell for $6.5K but not much less. Bob Janda Annapolis MD 410-263-2223


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