I want to be able to take off my Supercups, so I'm looking for a set of Cup 1's to use when I clean up my Supercups.  Thanks!

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Damian, wouldn't you rather go with the 17" Cup2s which would be more "correct" for your car (1995)?
Jeff, I had the Cup 2's on my coupe, I dig the Cup 1's. There's not much left 'correct' on my cab anyway!
I hear ya. Although I don't have the final numbers yet, 17" Cup1s are actually harder to find then the Cup2s. Jim, who has a speed yellow cab, has the 17" Cup1s. They look great on his car.
They are nice backup wheels.
I'll keep an eye out for you. 7.5s are the hard ones to find!
I know, they are pretty much 968 specific.
Unfortunately, mine are reps. Not the real deal from what I can tell. Haven't pulled one off yet to be 100% sure, but I'm 99.99% sure.... :^(

C1's over C2's any day.
No need to remove the wheels.
The width and offset is cast into to the wheel next to the valve stem.
Reps do not have this.
I still want to pull one JUST to be sure there is no Porsche # stamped inside. The offset and width are not on the outside so I think it is an all but given. Besides, pulling the wheels will give me chance to stare at the wheel wells and contemplate cleaning them... Which I am unlikely to do... :^)
Nuts! I just sold a set of C1s two weeks ago. They were track wheels, so they needed refinishing for street use, but were otherwise straight. I would have liked to send them to a new home with a friend!

Speaking of selling, I sold those rims and another set of C2s through Craigslist. Responses were immediate, which tells me A) the number of folks using Craigslist is enormous, and B) I prolly priced 'em too low ($450 for C1s with oldish Kuhm track tires, and $400 for the C1s). I did receive some scammy responses, but those were simple to delete.

Good luck in your search, Damian.
I sold the original set of C1's which were on my car when i bought it. There was a set of reps for sale for $400 on RL recently as well.


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