I'm using a standalone system which is currently not set up to activate the Vario Cam (VC).
Without voltage applied to the VC actuator, is the intake cam at the normal idle indexing or is in upper rpm indexing?
I have the harness hooked up and can wire it so I have voltage applied while the ignition is on. I'm just not sure if "on" or "off" is the best location to leave it.

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It's normally a 3-step operation the way the DME is programmed. On-Off-On

solenoid off is the advanced intake cam position.

Read the "Overview of Variocam Operation" section of this document.


The actuator works as follows:
below 1500RPM: On (Intake Cam retarded)
1500-5500: Off (Intake cam advanced)
Above 5500: On (Intake Cam retarded)

Thanks Mike. I didn't even think to check the workshop manual of theory of operation.
In theory what are you suppose to feel at 5500 rpm. Should you get an extra power kick at that point or should your power level off at that point. My car feels great through the entire range but I just do not think I notice anything real noticable at 5500rpms.
In theory, it's supposed to be seamless.

It's not supposed to give a "kick". The system is there to prevent (or reduce) a dropoff of power that you'd get if it wasn't there. It helps to flatten out the torque curve.

The lower limit (<1500 RPM) i think has something to do with idle emissions control.
Thanks Mike, that explains it well. I kind of assumed that it was suppose to be "seamless", now I know for sure.


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