When I found my 1994 968 convertible this May of 2015 in Sacramento, California I had been looking for one for 3 years. There she was, convertible in Amethyst Metallic (94 C2S 1 of 1) and absolutely beautiful looking and driving. Mechanically she checked out fine but there was one thing missing. Where the timing belt and rollers replaced and when?. She had low miles, 59000, but there was no record of this maintenance. I promised myself to get her in for an inspection and belt change. In August she was in, at my old Porsche confident shop Hi-Tec Auto in San Rafael, California. When I came to pick her up Dana (one of the brothers who run this sHop) looked at me and said "you where lucky, the balance camshaft belt was laying broken on the bottom right next to the timing belt. Had they touched all hell would have broken loose"

My comment was " I did not feel any vibration" His answer " that's because Porsche has a pretty balanced engine to begin with"

So the moral to the story, specially for those that are new to the 944/968/928's. Always stay on top of the "belts" Ask for records, if none are given, change them. The book says 60000 miles. The real "world" say 45000 miles.

Here is what needs to be done ( I know most of you already know know this, It's for the "new kid on the block":

Timing belt/tensioner/rollers(variocam)

Balance shaft belt/tensioner

Aux roller/v belt/multi rib belt

thermostat/waterpump plus all the seals and gaskets that goes with it.

It will cost you around $2500 but  I wont even touch the cost of a new engine.

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more importantly, the real world says a max of 4 years, regardless of how few miles.  it also says only use gates belts, and definitely not conti belts.

I go 4-5 years between belt changes no matter what the mileage, to be on the safe side. That said, I think you can do better on the cost of the job. My local dealer has a mecahnic who knows the 968s well. Over the winter they sent me a coupon for $200 off of service. I needed a belt job for Minty so i asked if I could supply the parts. They said sure as long as they were Porsche parts. I ordered them new with a deep discount from Sunset Porsche, dropped the car off with the parts, and with the coupon I was out of the dealer for just over a grand.

Owned a 1988 944 for 20 years (previously 356, 912, 911). Stepped up to a 1995 100K 968 cab. Tried to sell my gorgeous garage queen, 110K mile 944 on Craig's list for $7500 after two months. Just to get rid of it sold it to an early offer on eBay for $6K - a real bargain. Bought the long stored 968 for $10K after an inspection (there were some issues). Outside is perfect, seats and upholstery fair, clutch is so-so. But my point on this thread is I knew enough not to drive it 4 hours from Maine to Mass not knowing how old the belts etc were. Had work done in Maine along with other maintenance items - total $3.5K. Nice car and I'm in it about right for what it is. The top has shrunk about 1/8 inch on one side so it doesn't latch as safely as I'd like. Tried hot water, tension and hot sun to no avail.

I do, every so often, convert the top. I never leave it in one position for more than two weeks. I will keep it closed for two-three days to let it stretch. It seems to help.

Are you able to lock it on both sides? Do you use the boot cover all the time when the top is down? I know you have to force it down the last few inches but that seems effortless.

Question for you convertible owners out there. Do you treat or protect your top with anything?

I tried to stretch the top to get it to latch more securely by wetting the top and putting it out in the  very hot sun - that did nothing.  I don't have a clue about treating the top 


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