I loosened the console housing to check my door lock switch.  Of course when i did that I managed to have the 6 wires pull out from the sunroof switch.  I see Porsche was kind enough to cut 2 short, medium and long but I don't know which side of the switch they go to and I don't want to short anything out.  I can't find a diagram showing the colors, so does anyone know which colors go where?   If it matters, mine is a '95.


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OK I figured it out so if anyone else ever needs it here is how it's wired on a 1995 at least.  First, my switch doesn't have the nice picture of the roof and car.  Somewhere in my car's life someone replaced it with a switch that has what looks like he letter "V" stacked on top of them.  So when I removed the switch I really messed up because the switch is symmetrical!  Anyway, here's how the wiring works.  There are 2 long, 2 medium and 2 short wires.  The switch has 3 connectors on each side.  One side gets the short black wire, the medium blue w/ black stripe wire and the long gray w/black stripe wire.  The other side gets the short green w/gray stripe wire, the medium blue w/ green stripe wire and the long green w/red stripe wire.

I hope this helps someone down the road.

W-O-W there has actually been a post against this site...OMG


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