New to the 968, my former 944 experience provides no help in figuring out what the big cylinder is (maybe 4 to 5 inches in diameter by 14 inches long)  in the right side fender pocket of the trunk. No wires or lines I could see, it just looks like a heavy weight. What am I missing?

Ed Russell

1995 968 cab

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I think it's the shock absorber for the bumper.

Will check in my parts manual. Stand by!!

The official name from the work manual is:

Center impact/pipe absorber

You will find a left and a right

it is not a shock absorber for the bumper.

it is technically called a "vibration damper".  it serves 2 functions.  it acts as a ballast weight to balance the car, and also acts as a dampener.  

when the cabriolet was being tested, some of the execs felt that the car jiggled too much.  this ballast weight slows the chassis oscillation by adding mass to the end of the car at one corner.  this results in a lower frequency of the oscillation, but increases the amplitude.

there are other cars that have similar things.  as i remember, it originated on a ford.  the bmw E30 cabs have one too.

many of us remove it.  it can make the tail end a bit looser, but really there are no other ill effects that we have been able to find in the 12 years that mine has been out.

Thank you both for responding to my query. An amplifier has been stuck in the left side pocket so I don't know whether there were two of them or just one.   The right side still has this weight/damper/absorber(?).  I saw no lines (electric or liquid) coming from it. There is a rubber bushing on one end but it is difficult to look down under the cylinder to learn anything more.

At least I can go forward having some idea of what it is.


Very interesting and good info flash. I noticed that big "cylinder" last year and looked for an explanation in the work manual. It does not describe it as a vibration damper but a "impact/pipe absorber". Now the big question. How different is the coupe manual from the Cabriolet. As I have noticed the weight is higher on the Cabriolet probably due to the reinforcement plates and these pipes. So I need to go back to my "2000" page shop manual  to find clues.

Should be fun.

i think you are looking at the wrong item.  that big heavy cylinder is called a "vibration damper".  illustration 801-17.  item number 941.504.105.11

there is only one per car.

as for the weight difference, besides the nearly 40lb dead weight in the trunk, the windshield area, rockers, and undercarraige are reinforced in the cab


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