Hi, My '92' is having intermittant starting problems, I have heard that this can be a sensor problem is this correct?

thanks for your time

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Have you replaced the DME relay?
How is the condition of the ignition system?
How old is the fuel filter?
A trick to test the DME relay is to tap on it while cranking the car (you'll likely need help to do both at once). This happened to me a few months ago, but the relay has behaved since. [Fingers crossed]
I would also check the cables to the starter if the DME checks out OK. Insulation on one of mine was dry rotted and replacing that cable along with a few others helped me out tremendously
Hey guys,
Thanks for the help, I removed the DME relay and there was a minor amount of corrosion, so I ordered a new one via ebay it arrived just recently. I installed it and it seems to work fine now.

BUT....After driving the car for about a day I got a cooling fluid leak, I have identified the location where the fluid is leaking but I donot know what the part is called, so I am unable to order it. I have taken some pics, is it possible for anyone to help me identify the part and where I could order it


That would be the heater control valve. It is close to the exhaust manifold ,and being a plastic part, takes a lot of abuse. Porsche pt# 928 574 573 03. There are several places you can get this from. I would have to look them up later.
Thanks for that,
I ordered the part from ebay @ $30usd and will let you know how it turns out.
My paint code sticker under the hood is worn, can you help me out with the indentification of the paint code?
Here is a pic of the car, '92tip' metalic silver color that seems to be very a common color on the 968.
Also is anyone able to help me with a website that would sell this paint, for delivery to australia
thanks for all your help


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