My wife says "you have several Porsches, don't you think some should go" I don't agree but i'm pushing 70 this year and something has got to go. I bought the 93 968 automatic last year to make it beautiful again and enjoy. I haven't touched it much. The car is Brazilian Green with Saddle interior and 130,000 miles. She runs and drives, has 17' 996 turbo thrust wheels and nice tires but she needs freshening up. The leather is cracked. The outside door handles need the infamous parts. There is a mild dent in the left rear quarter but the original paint is mostly fine. I'm looking for someone who wants to finish what I should have started. Asking$6900 to drive her away. Located on Long Island in New York.(she is a local car all her life) Please call me,Jan van der Baan at 631 584 5655 any time

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