Hello everyone, new to the site and was wondering if anyone knew how to get hold of some side skirt clips? The White ones that push onto the body of the car. Porsche aren't being very helpful. Any help would be great. I'm based in the united kingdom but I'd purchase these from anywhere. Thanks again fellas. Joe. 

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They are definitely available. Got mine from sunset Porsche in Oregon. Make sure you get enough for whole car and I can't remember if there are 2 sizes or 1.
You are almost sure to break some when removing,but better to replace now. Get the inserts also.
Thanks a million ken. Knowing me I'll Break all of those clips. I'm a big awkward clumsy ugly fella with finesse. Wish me luck. And thanks again. Ken. Oh and did u sew the PDF file jeff sent me??! Incredible. All u need to
Know to repair and replace the skirts. Take care ken. Joe. 

Here is a PDF I did on the task. Part numbers are included.


Jeff968 you rock. That was an invaluable piece of information. 
Did you do it? If so you should do more of them and put them on the app
Store. Very professional and concise. So thanks a million Jeff, and take care. Joe. 

Yes, I wrote it and took all the photos. It is not easy to get a mint green cab for an example :)

I'm glad it helped you out.


It helped enormously. As for your Mint green cab... I've never seen one. Never heard of one. It look incredible. A credit to you. I have a 1992 japanese import. It was found in a garage my dad bought in Dublin. My dad own a BMW specialist garage and got it going. He gave it to as a birthday gift. This year. 51500 miles
It the coupe version and in immacuate condition. Thanks dad. Mine is polar silver. Whats the history behind yours? Thanks again Jeff. Regards. Joe. 
Jeff thank you so much for posting this.  I was a little apprehensive about tackling this but your information made it very easy.  1st car us a success, not broken clips.  I did find I have several screws missing and had to repair damage to two sill mounting holes.  My car did not have clips on the front sill mount to hold the rubber molding in place.  I also found that much of my hardware was incorrect.  I did order new hardware and now everything is as it should be.  Who ever did it last used fender washers and bolts with nuts on several of the mounts.  Thanks again, you have been a very big help to those of us who are new to this car.  I picked up my first in February, a Valentine gift for my wife and my second in March, an anniversary gift to myself.

Thanks for the posting.  Just bought a 968 and the cladding is rough.


It is one of one in North America. What color is your 968?
Hey Jeff, one of one??!! Sweet. I thought it was a rare one alright. It's looks immac. Mine is polar silver and quite common in that colour. 968's are rare in Ireland and the UK and I've only seen about 2 in my ten years here. As with most Japanese imports I have no paperwork like manuals and usual things u get, That's the only thing missing. Air compressor is there and an unused tool Kit. And oddly the spare wheel is still in a sealed plastic wrapper. My dad bought the car off the owner at a cost of..... Wait for it £300 about $500. It was filthy and the guy who sold the garage just wanted it gone. My dad put a battery in it and some petrol and it fired up in less than 5 seconds. We're both car nuts and it was quite a moment. I'd love the cab version but the weather here is diabolical. I have Porsche envy of your car and especially colour. Have u had yours long? Joe.

I picked mine up from 20th Street Auto in Phoenix, AZ.  If you e-mail them with a P/N they will find them.   I know they some in April.  They were used but in good shape.


I have an order in with Stuttgart Custom Parts.  I ordered and entire set with seals.  It has been a week, I'll let you know if they come through.

Thanks ed. The Porsche main dealer here in the UK are not helpful at all. If I was looking for a gearbox for a 911 they'd be all over me. Thanks for your reply Ed I'll let u know how I get on in my hunt for such a tiny plastic pain in the arse. Regards. Joe.


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