Hey gang, just wanted to let you know, am parting with my 968 - it's up for auction right now (for the next 5 days) at https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1993-porsche-968-12/. Please take a look there if you're interested.

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Sorry to see you leave it up for sale.... $10000 ...is it in that bad shape?..... My Amethyst Dazzler would not go for under 30K

Your Amethyst Dazzler is indeed a beauty.  For mine, I think it's in decent shape, though I've never made an effort to get it in show condition.  I've had it 15 years and decided it's time to move on, we have three cars for two of us now and other things taking priority.  I've definitely enjoyed having it and don't regret a minute, just time to make this change.  As for $10k - well, 3 days left in auction, you never really know how it'll settle out until the last day, we'll see where we end up.

Will follow...Thanks for your response...and Good Luck


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